Thursday, November 20, 2008

Last Post (For a While)

I almost titled it just "Last Post," but that just ain't gonna happen. I'll have to vent eventually. But this will be the last post you see here, and on 11-29-08, this blog will disappear entirely.

It's like this: I need to make some major changes in my life. For some of those changes, it would be helpful if I didn't have quite so much name recognition, so to speak. So I'm going to delete my two existing blogs and start over later, with another user name, e-mail address, and blog.

I hesitated to do this for the longest time, because a lot of links are going to go dead, and a lot of work up in smoke. But even though I know I won't be able to totally erase my blogospheric footprint, I think the greater level of anonymity will prove useful. Plus, I just need some time away from the internet. I need some time to accomplish some things and MAKE SOME MONEY (If anyone has something to do that you think I could do, now is the time to say so!). I won't even be commenting.

I'll resurface sometime early next year, I think. I'll republish some of the most informative old posts, perhaps with a little re-writing. I'm open to suggestions on which old posts to do that with.

Like I said, I'll leave this up 'til the 29th. If you're interested (and you're not in a position to throw a monkey wrench into the works), e-mail me and ask to be notified when the new blog is up.

When I do resurface, I'd appreciate it if those who know my secret identity didn't mention my name.

In the meantime, this is it.



  2. Dear Concerned Christian,

    James Macdonald leads a denomination of 69 churches. It is called the Harvest Bible Fellowship. Each church in this denomination operates with the same template. They are all called "churches of life groups." (If you aren't in a life group, then they don't want you in one of their churches.) What is a "life group"? The life groups are all facilitator-led groups. They exist for the purpose of group mind control. Harvest Bible Fellowship is a highly sophisticated mind control operation under a Christian covering.

    Who is the director of operations of Harvest Bible Fellowship? Bill Molinari, who also sits on the board of John Macarthur's GTY and Macarthur's international ministry, TMAI. Who else supports this abomination? John Macarthur's TMS advertizes this "church" to their grads and promotes their Harvest Training School to their grads. Several TMS grads are now leading these "churches of life groups" as other TMS grads are enrolled in the Harvest School obligated to plant more of these churches in the future. (When I contacted R Mayhue, the director of TMS, to ask why he advertizes this "church" and its training school to his seminary grads I received no reply.)

    John Macarthur considers James Macdonald to be a "close friend" and he fully supports Macdonald's Harvest Fellowship as he annually attends Macdonald's "Straight Up" conferences. "Christians" leading these "Churches of Life Groups" aren't following God's Word; they are actually following the Jewish Kabbalah.

    Chief Dregs of Society

    Fun Fact: John Macarthur's mentor at Talbot Theological Seminary was an orthodox Jewish Rabbi who often quoted from the Jewish Talmud in his writings. Macarthur has stated that the sole reason he attended this seminary was to be mentored by this rabbi.